About Us

You are invited…

If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to “come and see” our church and share our 10 a.m. Sunday worship. Our worship service is  both traditional and contemporary, emphasizing the love of God and encouraging each person to  grow on his or her journey of faith and discern Christ’s call to ministry.

We are the United Church of Christ of Honeoye. This church was established in 1854 as the Honeoye Congregational Church. Presently we include about 300 members and friends from a variety of religious backgrounds. We welcome all people as children of God and believe each person is uniquely created and loved by God as we travel on our own journey of faith and are called to our own unique ministry. We seek to embrace diversity, to listen and learn from one another, and to discover God speaking through our life together as a community of faith. We encourage people to think for themselves and to continue to explore their personal relationship with God. We are a congregational church where each member has a voice and vote in the ministry of the congregation as it governs its own affairs. We also belong to the denomination called the United Church of Christ (www.ucc.org).

Mission Statement:

The mission of the United Church of Christ of Honeoye is to worship the living God, to make disciples for Jesus Christ and to be led by God’s Spirit in caring ministry.

We will do this through:

  • lively worship,
  • practicing open hospitality,
  • living in intentional Christian community,
  • growing disciples
  • and discerning and using our gifts for ministry

As a congregation we value and are committed to:

  • Loving one another
  • Diversity of expression in worship
  • Welcoming and affirming all people as loved children of God
  • Helping one another discern our gifts for ministry
  • Growing in our spiritual life
  • Being a praying congregation
  • Being open to the creativity of God at work among us
  • Giving permission to encourage new ministry
  • An excellent music program
  • Small group opportunities that enable people to grow
  • Making disciples for Jesus
  • Reaching out to others
  • Making the Bible alive and relevant in our daily living

We Believe God is still speaking…

  • as Creator of our wondrous world for which we are called to care
  • in Jesus Christ, our savior, who invites us to walk with him and discover the fullness of life found in God’s love.
  • through the Holy Spirit who is ever seeking to transform us into the unique persons God intends each one of us to be.
  • because we are always growing in our faith, there is always more to learn about God, Jesus, one another and ourselves.
  • because no one person holds the whole truth about God exclusively but that each person is open to a glimpse of that Truth.
  • through the Bible that is central to our faith and understanding of God, yet open to interpretation in many ways.
  • though our worship, prayer, the Bible, conversation, Christian community, shared ministry and in the world around us.
  • through each of us, as we are called daily to live out our faith, discern our personal ministry and to help one another discover God at work in our world.


Our Staff

Our Intentional Interim Minister is the Rev. James K. Boodley, a native Ithacan and a graduate of Cornell University. Following a career in advertising and promotion, he did his seminary work at Colgate Rochester Divinity School (CRDS), just up the road in Rochester. Since graduating from CRDS in 2000, he has spent his time as a college chaplain at Wells College and Ithaca College, as an intentional interim minister for UCC congregations throughout central New York, or as a volunteer on-call chaplain at Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca.

“Ministry is an odd profession,” he notes. “You don’t so much choose it as it (that is, God), chooses you. When I switched career tracks from advertising and promotion to ministry, someone from my home church said that was ‘quite a change.’ I thought about it for a moment, then replied, ‘No, not really. Now I just have a better boss, better product, and hopefully a really good long-term retirement plan.’”

Honeoye’s UCC is J.K.’s 14th interim-style assignment (ie., either serving as an interim or as a sabbatical fill-in pastor). He asked to be considered for the position when he heard he’d be following a minister with a 35-year term. In corresponding with a CRDS classmate who is the pastor for a nearby UCC church, J.K. was delighted to get a glowing report about Honeoye’s congregation and the work it’s doing in the community.

Our music director since 1976 is Nancy Pease, a graduate of the Eastman School of Music. She is an outstanding pianist and flutist and is gifted on a number of instruments. She also brings a wide range of music traditions and styles to worship and the music program. In addition she is a music teacher who gives private lessons.

Our choir director since 2003 is Brian Wilkins, a graduate of Nazareth College. Brian directs the church choir of over 20 members. He brings with him his many skills, knowledge of music and teaching, and the enthusiasm of youth. In addition he is an excellent trumpet player and a music teacher at Honeoye Central School.

Our bell choir director is Kelly Roller. She  is a graduate of the Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music, located In Berea, Ohio.  She has been directing the bell choirs since 2007.  Kelly combines her musicality and teaching skills to bring a wide variety of musical experiences to those playing bells and to those who worship with us on Sunday Mornings.