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Our Annual Congregational Meeting was held on Sunday, January 15th after our church service. The meeting was led by the Church Council and addressed yearly reports from the different officers, boards and committees serving the church. The 2017 budget was presented and approved. Minutes will be available online and in the hallway across from the Pastor’s study as soon as they become available. The 2016 Annual Reports are listed below.



As the first full year of transition toward new pastoral leadership, 2016 was a year of growth and challenge. Among the highlights:

  • Souper bowl Sunday for Honduras.
  • The Valentine’s Day Secret Pals Party.
  • Nancy Pease’s 40th anniversary celebration as music director.
  • Christian Ed’s wonderful family winter retreat at Ontario County Park.
  • More than 50 people attended a first-in-decades Easter sunrise service at Sandy Bottom Park followed by an equally well-attended Easter breakfast at the church.
  • The annual roadside clean-up and blue jean Sunday church clean-up.
  • The launch of the visitation committee, an exciting lay-ministry which continues to grow.
  • Our snazzy church cookbook. (Copies still available for sale!)
  • The annual spring and fall sales, the latter of which took place in a near-Biblical rainstorm.
  • The creation, blessing of, and ongoing work of the pastoral search committee, including the creation of a beautiful video about the life of the congregation and the hard work of “birthing” the church profile for distribution to prospective pastors.
  • The youth Sunday service and the exciting, new – and well attended – Vacation Bible School.
  • The annual church picnic, church-wide birthday celebration, and Election Day dinner.
  • The annual Christmas concert and the children’s Christmas pageant.
  • The organization and kick-off of the new youth group.
  • Three back-to-back Christmas Eve and Christmas Sunday worship services.
  • Seven memorial services and one baptism.

The above list doesn’t include the ongoing “regular” work of the monthly spaghetti suppers; Honeoye Community Food Pantry; Salem Nutrition Center; dinner & movie nights; Bible study; knitting ministry; NY/Help Honduras; Christian Ed’s Sunday school program; the adult, children’s, and bell choirs; Boy Scout Troop 521; and Ontario County’s Congregate (senior) Lunch Program.

One of the most important developments I saw as intentional interim minister this past year was Council’s continuing to reclaim “ownership” of making important decisions and fulfilling necessary obligations as the official governing body of the congregation. The contractual relationships with organizations making use of church space are examples of that. Only Council has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the congregation, not the pastor. That will be an important detail to remember when your new pastor is hired. S/he will be entitled to “do church,” not contracts.

Likewise, an important insight I gained this year was the realization that HUCC is growing into a “program church.” That “ah-hah moment” occurred at a NY School of Ministry retreat, “What We Need to Know about our Churches to Lead Them Effectively through Change,” in November. The presenter shared the idea that as a congregation develops, it transitions from a family church to a pastoral, program, then corporate church.

At a pastoral church with a membership of 70-150 people, the pastor takes the lead on almost all church projects. Once church membership reaches 120-350 members (allowing for some overlap with the pastoral church at the lower level), however, the only way “up” for the congregation is for lay-leaders to step forward to lead small, specialized ministries. At HUCC, the visitation committee is an example of that kind of small, lay-lead effort. Pastoral leadership is still important as s/he helps set the tone and direction of the church, but s/he isn’t the go-to person for everything that happens there.

One other point made at the retreat was that congregations are always in transition, either moving up or down the church development ladder. When a boundary is being crossed from one style of church to the next, growing pains in the form of conflict often result. I haven’t seen much evidence of that at HUCC, however, growing pains / conflict might surface when a new pastor is hired and the congregation continues to grow. Like teething pain, the experience-of-the-moment is unpleasant, however, it’s both survivable and required if a group is to grow in the Body of Christ. Be aware of that as you continue to grow into what God through Christ requires of you as a congregation. And if conflict does arise, remind yourselves, “Ah-hah! Teething pain! That wonderful – and keenly insightful – interim we had told us that might happen.”

Finally, on a personal note, I want to express my sincere thanks for all of the support you extended to me this past year. Your kindnesses made a huge difference in enabling me to get through a year I’m glad is over. The future will have its own challenges for me and my family but, with God’s grace, we’ll work through them as best we can.


Submitted with confidence in God’s grace and guidance,

Rev. James K. Boodley

Intentional Interim Minister



Members:  Artie Dietschler, Bev Badger, Carol Brown, Margot Badger, John Moffitt, Peter Badger – Chair

The Honeoye UCC Board of Trustees report is a summary of major projects and maintenance activities that were completed in 2016.  We appreciate all the effort given by everyone who made these projects possible including the financial support of the church and its members.

Here is a list of the major projects:

  1. Church Street Entrance Upgrade – Phase 2

New paved parking area and sidewalk, new planter, upgraded recycling area, and new decorative stone along west side of church.  Safety of all who use this entrance has been greatly improved through this project.

  1. Installed small windows in seven Sunday school classroom doors as well as refinished doors and added brass kick plates.
  2. Updated phone and internet services – Time Warner for broadband internet, for telephone service
  3. Church secretary and pastors office redecorating – New floors installed, new paint on walls and ceiling, and new curtains
  4. Replaced eight lighted exit signs and two emergency exit lights utilizing LED technology for increased energy savings
  5. Tree harvesting at Parsonage and window replacement

Income from tree sale $ 7,252.49, cost to replace 26 new windows and one door at the parsonage $ 8,400.00

  1. New computer and PA system purchased for $ 3596.00
  2. Parking lot resealing and restriping cost $ 2732.00
  3. New chain link fence installed between parking area and playground – cost $ 550.00
  4. New stair lift installed – all costs covered by an anonymous donation
  5. Renovation of Basement room 11B under choir loft has begun:

New Floors, new paint on walls, new ceiling tiles

Estimated completion date 1/15/17

  1. New Hot water heater installed, new pump for Boiler, and new fan motor installed to repair broken AC/ unit

The Trustees were able to reduce their overall budget by 9% for 2017 primarily due to reduced equipment purchases vs. 2016.

The Trustees will continue to ask for support from all church members to assist in Blue Jean Sunday’s or general maintenance projects.  We have several projects in planning for 2017 and would like to plan for the Sanctuary redecorating project for early 2018.




Members: Jim Apolito, Mike Baker, Joan Hohmann, Elin Orman, Colin Seddon, Bob Stowe and Mike Woloson

The Board of Deacons met officially 8 times. At our first meeting, Jan 31 new member Bob Stowe was welcomed.

Mike B. serves as chair, with responsibilities shared as follows:

  • Usher duties – Joan
  • Communion – Elin
  • Nursery – Elin & Joan
  • Budget – Jim

Rev. J. K. Boodley has been helping to prepare us for change. At times, this has put us out of our comfort zone. This was a little rough at first, but his sense of purpose, transparency and fun loving attitude has put us in a much better place to accept a new pastor. Many administrative tasks needed to be re-assigned and protocols developed – J. K. pointed those out and made recommendations. All in all it continues to be a healthy and growing experience. Thanks, J. K.

At J. K.’s leading, communion was held the first Sunday of each month.

An Easter sunrise service was held March 27 and followed by a breakfast provided by the Board of Community Life. Our regular service was held at 10:00 am.

Supply pastors:

  • May 1 – Youth Sunday
  • June 12 – Jeff Brown
  • September 21 – Cydney Hess

Two new committees were set up: Visitation and Emergency Aid. Elin and Joan facilitated the Visitation committee which is now running on its own. See report. Bob is facilitating Emergency Aid committee. Several church members have indicated an interest in serving.

Mike W. represented the Deacons as we honored High School Graduates on June 12.

As in past years worship was held in the Social Hall during the summer months. This room is air conditioned, but also provides for a change in the feeling of worship.

September 18 the Pastoral Search committee was consecrated during worship by Rev. Ryan Henderson, UCC Associate Minister.

Katelyn continues to do a great job staffing the nursery. This is the first year in many with very few problems.

Mike W has worked on developing a formal job description of the church secretary as well as some basic personnel policies. Cydney Hess’ (secretary) hours were increased to 30 hours/week, reflecting the extra work load.

The community Christmas concert was held Dec 10 and was very well attended.

Developing a 2017 budget was a little more complicated as we do not know the details of a seated pastor. Jim worked with Jeff Brown to compute what they thought was a good range of possibilities and chose the more conservative (expensive) option. This should provide us with some cushion.

J.K. worked with Cydney to update the website, making it more reader friendly and informative.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Baker, Chair




Members: Bill Badger, Carol Brown, Ned Holmes, Helen Johnson, Barb Kennerson, David Makepeace, Connie Moffit, Darlene Tschorke, Bill VanDusen, Jill Potts, Alex Rubadeau, Molly Rubadeau.

The committee was formed by the Board of Deacons on May 15, 2016, for the purpose of visiting members and friends who are unable to continue to be an active part of our congregation.  The contacts may be visits, phone calls, cards, notes, etc., depending on the needs of the individuals.  We are currently visiting 16 people, mostly in their homes; Rev. Boodley makes hospital visits as needed. Giving our time, presence, and care serves to show they are not forgotten and are still an important part of our church community.  We have been met with expressions of appreciation, smiles, joy, and sometimes tears.   In one person’s words, “You have no idea how much I appreciate your visit.”  As the visitors, our committee has been privileged to hear precious stories, and be humbled by the courage they show in their daily lives.  The longer we make visits, the more we realize how important this ministry is in the life of our congregation; we feel blessed to be able To serve our God in this manner.

In addition to the “visits,” Helen Johnson keeps us informed of those folks for whom prayers have been requested and alerts the Prayer Circle.

The highlight in November was to deliver 15 free turkey dinners to our shut-ins through the generosity of St. Mary’s Church.   In December, 16 “gift bags” were delivered which included slippers, cookies, fruit, candy, lotion and a small package of tissues.  Also included were “Helping Hands” cards whereby they can request help with a task they cannot do themselves.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Van Dusen and Louise Holmes






Members: Kathy Kimber, Chair; Melanie Youman, Karen Yax, Sara Tompkins, Joni Nilsson, Shannon Seddon, Jeff Brown, Tom Taylor and Gail Baader.

2016 was an extremely busy and productive year for the Board of Christian Education.  Throughout the Sunday school year the members of the board support the Sunday school through volunteering and working with Beth Stowe to help create a vibrant community for our Youth.   Under Beth’s leadership the Sunday school program is thriving.  Please see Beth’s report for more details about Sunday school.

Summer Sunday Activities

Through the leadership of Sara Tompkins the Board instituted a Summer Vacation Bible School program which ran on four alternate Sundays in July and August, led by Sara with the help of other members of board.   This was extremely popular with between 9 and 17 children participating each Sunday ranging in age from 3 to 11 years old.   See attached summary.

We also hosted activities for children throughout the rest of the summer.

In addition we:

  • Organized and hosted a Winter Retreat at the Ontario County Park in March attended by approximately 40 people.
  • During the summer we hosted a “What if all the Church Read the Same Book” using Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life by Thich Nhat Hanh  to encourage our church members to incorporate the concepts of mindfulness into our lives and faith.  This concluded with a small but dedicated group of church members discussing the book and our reactions to it.
  • Organized a trip to the Abbey of the Genesee for Compline Service in September.  Fifteen members and friends of the HUCC car-pooled to the Abbey for the contemplative service
  • Organized “Advent:  Taking it Home 2016”, wreath decorating, candle distribution and handout for the entire congregation.
  • Revised and updated both the permission slip and Safe Church Policy.
  • Transferred and updated kids’ activities bags for use during the Church service.
  • Supported the efforts of Cydney Hess and Greg Badger who resurrected the Honeoye UCC Youth Group starting in December of this year.  See attached Youth Group Report.


Thanks to all the amazing committee members for making this year possible.


Respectfully submitted by,

Kathy Kimber

Chair, Board of Christian Education




Co-Leaders: Gregory Badger and Cydney Hess

In November, after much prayer and thoughtful consideration, we proposed that the Honeoye UCC rekindle the youth group. Since our church has witnessed an influx of youth, it felt important to foster and liaise a relationship between the youth of our church and our faith community.

We proposed to the Board of Christian Education that we incorporate youth in grades 5 and up to meet on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm. We would open with a fun game, take a break for a snack and faith based discussion, then finish with a team building exercise. The Board of Christian Education approved, and we presented before Church Council during their November meeting. The motion passed unanimously, and the youth group was revived!

Since then, we have had a discussion forum where we met with parents and some participants to discuss their goals and vision for the youth group. Our first youth group meeting was held on Tuesday,  December 6th with nine kids attending.

We have met for a total of three Tuesday nights in December; joined together with the Board of Community Life to sing Christmas carols to the home bound members of our community; and hosted an overnight lock-in during the Christmas break where we played games, watched a movie, made cards of gratitude for the church custodian and did some minor cleaning to parts of the church that don’t often get the most attention. We have activities planned that incorporate the Youth Group into the life of our faith community as well as projects that will enhance the community we live in. Attendance has held steady between six and ten youths.

We look forward to continuing this ministry with the youth of our congregation; giving them a firm foothold as the younger members of our faith community and exploring the ways that God is working in their lives.

Respectfully submitted,

Gregory Badger and Cydney Hess



Members: Robert Bacon, chairperson, Doug Kraft, Don Bennett, Linda Johnstone, Marilyn Passer, & Tom Taylor

The Christian Stewardship board has been active pursuing the investigation and piloting of Electronic Giving.   We anticipate enrollment to be available shortly after the new year.

The Christian Stewardship board has been active pursuing the investigation and piloting of Electronic Giving.   We anticipate enrollment to be available shortly after the New Year.

Pledge total for 2017; we have 51 pledges totaling $113,607, approximately a 2% decrease over 2016.   Actual 2016 Pledges was 59, totaling $115.790    As of the November Council meeting, we were on target to exceed our annual pledge commitments.

Harold Barnard, Megan Apolito, Barb Kennerson, and Bob Bacon spoke as witnessing stewards during the November  Annual Pledge drive by sharing what Honeoye United Church of Christ has impacted their lives.

Our Five for Five outreach offerings results are:

One Great Hour of Sharing: $666

Neighbors in Need: $385

Strengthen the Church: $290

** New ** Tools & Blankets, generated $325.

** New ** Cookbook:  Sold 161 books out of 220 printed.  Generated approximately $1000 towards the Sunday school program.   All printing expenses have been paid, so each additional book sold today, now is pure profit.

We want to thank the dedication of Doug Kraft, Don Bennett, and Marilyn Passer as they retire from the Christian Stewardship board.    We welcome our new members as we prepare for 2017 activities during our regular January monthly meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Robert Bacon



Members: Helen Johnson-Chair; Connie Moffat, Cydney Hess, Mary Jo Watson, Betty Nolan, Donna Fulmer, Carol Van Dusen, Verna Ward and Becky Christman

We have had a busy year with lots of help from everyone on our board. In February we hosted the annual Valentine’s Day/Secret Pal party. Many once again signed up to be a pal. We also celebrated Nancy Pease’s 40th year with us with special food and music. In March we hosted a breakfast on Easter Sunday between the sunrise service and the regular service. Our special activity in May was celebrating Youth Sunday and having a lunch for workers after blue jean Sunday. May was a blanket drive for Church World Service. In June we tried for a Karaoke party on Saturday afternoon, but no one attended. Everyone made up for it in July! Over 75 of us gathered at Helen’s house after church for a picnic and fun on the lake. In September we had a special coffee hour to kick off another year of Sunday School and in October we hosted a Halloween party for kids and adults alike. There were some great costumes. In November everyone helped with the Election Day Dinner and celebrated JK’s birthday. In December we made and packed cookies for the Food Pantry and for the people the visitation committee visit. Then we had a pizza party, (Thank you Cal for delicious pizzas!) and 25 of us went caroling. Besides all of this we have also hosted coffee hours every Sunday after church. What a great group to work with!


The knitting ministry continues and has been meeting regularly since September, 2005.  We join together to knit prayers and blessings into shawls, lap robes, hats, & mittens made in the hope that the recipient will feel surrounded by our loving thoughts and prayers whenever they use the item knit for them.  We’ve made many shawls and have been humbled by the gratitude shown by the recipients.  Some of us make mittens and hats for the Food Pantry.

We would encourage anyone interested to join our group.  We meet the second Sunday of each month (with exceptions that are noted in the bulletin), following worship, in the library.  All levels of knitting experience are welcome.  Those who are more comfortable with crochet are most welcome, too!

                                                                                         “You created every part of me,

                                                                                                    knitting me in my

                                                                                                      Mother’s womb. 

                                                                                                   For such handiwork,

                                                                                             I praise you. Awesome this

                                                                                                        great wonder!”

Psalm 139:13-14

Respectfully submitted,
Grace Jackson


Director: Beth Stowe

Our Sunday School Program continues to thrive as we explore new ways to teach our faith.  We finished last year’s session with about 35 children and are currently teaching about 37-40 children on a routine basis.

We concluded the 2016 season with the “Fruit of the Spirit” theme.  We finished the regular teaching session in May by performing our end of year “Youth Sunday Program.” This annual service gives the Sunday school youth an opportunity to share with the congregation all they have learned throughout the year.

The Board of Christian Education taught the youth throughout the summer months.  In addition to a regular teaching summer program they headed a Vacation Bible School experience.  This was also a wonderful way to teach our faith and was very successful in reaching a variety of children.

The 2016 session began September 18th.  We began this year by changing the grouping of children. We now divide the youth into the following grade levels: preschool lead by Helen Johnson, 1st and 2nd graders lead by Shannon Seddon, 3rd – 5th graders lead by Jill Potts and Gail Baader and 6th – 9th graders lead by Beth Stowe and Jenifer Vandewark.  Seniors are able to join the Jr. High class or stay in the sanctuary to hear the sermon. By changing the classroom age groups we have a better balance of children in each classroom and feel this is a better fit for teaching purposes.  In addition to rearranging the class age groups, we have also restructured our lesson program.

In an effort to keep unity among the lessons and promote a sense of camaraderie among the children we now meet with the entire group for the first 15 minutes of each session.  During this “gathering” we share a prayer, review some important scripture verses and touch on the main points of the bible story we are exploring.  Once we have the basic idea down, we then break into groups to fine tune our understanding in age appropriate ways.  We are finding this to be helpful to teachers who are now only expected to support the lesson with activities, versus coming up with an entire lessons plan on their own.

In an effort to promote communication, a weekly email is sent to our teachers and Sunday school families with an attached lesson plan for the upcoming Sunday.  This e-mail includes the bible story, bible verse, 3-5 main points that will be covered in the gathering and a few family talking points that may help initiate conversation at home.  We are finding this to be a helpful tool for both teachers and families.

As a final way of promoting our lesson program, we have implemented a Bible timeline in the hall of the education wing.  Each class contributes to the timeline on a weekly basis. This helps the children to understand how the Bible stories they are learning come together.  In addition to the timeline, a new television was donated to the Sunday school paid for with the profits from the cookbook sale.  This is another wonderful tool that aids in teaching lessons in a variety of ways.

We look forward to having our first annual open house this February.  We are hoping this will allow our UCC families to become familiar with our curriculum. It will also provide an opportunity to invite families from the community to better understand our program.

Goals for the year to come include: more exposure / advertising of our Sunday school program to surrounding communities; making a Sunday School video for the website; utilizing an additional room in the basement for teaching and activities, and promoting intergenerational activities within the congregation.


Thank you,

Beth Stowe

Sunday School Director


2016 was a great year in the office! We saw the arrival of a new computer, an office redecoration and the continued opportunity to serve a church community that always keeps things interesting.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Reverend J.K. Boodley who is incredibly talented with publications. Together, we have worked diligently to make the church website current, factual and aesthetically pleasing. His discerning editorial skills have improved the bulletin and newsletter as well. He continues to teach me things daily, and I’m blessed to be under his guidance.

Early in the year we proposed to Council that the newsletter be moved to a digital edition sent by email, with paper copies available at the church and by mail for those who request them. The savings to the church were substantial as we not only pay for paper and copies made with our copier, but in postage as well as time management. Sending the newsletter electronically also reduced our environmental impact-less energy to produce, less resources used, and less waste when no longer needed. Response has been overwhelmingly positive.

My goal for 2017 is to get the office into the digital age. We have a phone system that can be used to enable direct communication between committees and boards and incoming calls. I have been diligently searching for software that would put our office data securely online, allowing for multi-point access and updating as well as more accurate record keeping.

I am forever grateful to work for a wonderful faith community with members who understand and share their gifts. It’s a pleasure and a blessing.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cydney Hess

Church Secretary



A big “thank you” to the choirs (adult, bells and children’s); To our Directors, Brian Wilkins and Kelly and Michael Roller; and to folks in the congregation who participated in the Christmas Concert and contribute throughout the year. And especially to the voices in the congregation who sing with such love and enthusiasm that it makes the organist’s job such a joyful one.


Respectfully Submitted
Nancy Pease, Music Director



During the past year, I have been able to publicize information and events utilizing as much free publicity as possible thru Community Bulletin Boards, Calendars, Facebook and email. There are also times when we pay for advertising, especially for money making events such as Spring/Fall Sales and the Election Day Dinner. Publications include the Daily Messenger, Honeoye Hometown News, Lake Country Weekender. We have only utilized the Genesee Valley Pennysaver for their events calendar (which is free), as advertising/publishing an ad has proven to be very costly and does not fit within our budget. I have also posted event flyers at Java Mama’s, CVS, West’s Shur Fine and Subway.

During 2016, you may have seen the following advertised: Easter Week Services, Spring/Fall Sales, Election Day Dinner, monthly Spaghetti Suppers. Special events and services have been publicized such as Christmas Eve services and the Christmas Concert. I would like to include other events that are happening in the life of our congregation and am always open to ideas.

Thank you to Cydney for publishing item on Facebook and through email.


Respectfully submitted,

Annie Bacon



Members:  Jane Barnard


I’m sure you all know that a project dear to my heart is “Pennies for the Food Pantry” which is a local project. It is wonderful that we have room at our church to be the headquarters-a town wide endeavor. We really appreciate the dedication of Don, Laurie, Bill, Carol and the many, many other volunteers.

A penny does not buy much (anything???) However 100 pennies do make a dollar-so please deep dropping your change in the jars on Sunday and saving them and bringing them from home.

Usually I do not mention amounts but this year we had several large donations-they came in a variety of containers.

A large glass jug from Nancy and Don Pease contained $36.80. Did you ever try to get a dollar bill out of a jug?!

A can from Margot and Peter Badger had $31.82.

A “pig” from Helen Johnson’s pre-school class had $46.12.

Heartwarming contributions came from cora and Ben Roller in a treasure chest for $5.05 and two bags from their Roller cousins Christian and Braedan for $16.37.

Contributions from the Street, Thornton, White, Pestle, McGahey families and John’s quiet money each Sunday (miss you when you go visiting!) were very welcome.

I am very grateful to the Coffee Hour people who put the jars out each Sunday and to the many elves-big and small-who collect them.

For the count down- 2013: $254; 2014: $318.74; 2015: $329 and 2016: $291.08.

Thank you all and as Tiny Tim said, “God bless you, every one.”


Jane Barnard


How many stamps does it take to weight 10.90 ounces? Take a guess before you read the answer. That is how many our church sent to Stamps for Children in 2016.

They are used by the American Philatetic Society for educational purposes all around the United States.

Many thanks to Len Gessin (by far our #1 contributer-probably at least half of them came from him); Sue Kraft; Carol Ann May; Carol Brown; Ellie Jordan and Margaret White. (Did I miss anyone this year? I hope not!)

As we all know a stamp becomes “rarer” every year. Please keep saving. I’ll gladly send them. Why not add your name to the list?

So in 2013 we sent 1,293; 2014-2,005; 2015-1,614. How many stamps does it take to get to 10.90 ounces? 1,944!

Thank you,

Jane Barnard



Church Membership as of January 1, 2016                           228



Confession/Letter/To Active                           0

Confirmation                                                     0


Deaths                                                               13

Transfer                                                              0

Inactive                                                              0


Total Membership as of December 31, 2016                           215


Meetings Held:

Church Council                                              6

                                                                                                4 by e-mail

Congregational                                               1


The following child was baptized:

Arjun Sanjay Hiranandani (son of Sanjay and Allyson Brown Hiranandani)


There were 7 funerals for members and non-members this year.

There were no weddings performed at the UCC this year.



Penny Mastin Jones

Church Clerk

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