The Honeoye United Church of Christ provides several education opportunities.


Bible Study

Tuesday Mornings, 10:00am to 11:30 am.

The Bible study group continues to meet on Tuesday mornings at 10:00am in the Sunday school room. The study usually centers on Lectionary Scripture with a free flowing discussion. This is a great way to draw closer to the Word while enjoying the fellowship of a small study group, and all are welcome to join-either weekly, or as you can.

PLEASE NOTE: If School is cancelled because of snow, or bad weather, there will be NO Bible Study


Sunday School

Sunday Mornings, after the young Christians’ talk.

Hello All,

As October unfolds we will fall into our Sunday morning routines.  This month we will explore John the Baptist and even have the opportunity to taste locust and honey.  We will talk about the temptation of Christ in the wilderness as our Jr High class opens up dialog about the existence of Satan.  We will also learn how the first disciples were called by Jesus as we introduce our new puppet ministry. Of course all of these lessons will be founded in the power and love of Jesus.

I am happy to discuss any of these topics with parents. Feel free to contact me anytime at 880-3447.


Keeping the Faith,

Beth Stowe




In today’s Bible passage, we learn about John the Baptist as he baptizes and preaches about the coming of Jesus. Upon Jesus’ arrival and baptism by John, the skies open, a dove descends and God proclaims that Jesus is his Son. We will explore why Jesus is sent by God to live among us.

Preschool: John the Baptist

Elementary: John the Baptist

Jr. High: Why did Jesus get baptized?



Before Jesus starts teaching and healing, he takes 40 days of quiet time in the desert. When he’s weak and hungry, Satan comes to Jesus and tries to tempt him in three ways. But Jesus shows us the right way. We will explore what temptation really looks like in our daily lives.

Preschool: God helps us grow

Elementary: Jesus shows us the way

Jr. High: Is the devil real?



We will explore the calling of the disciples by Jesus this week.  We are also excited about introducing our new puppet ministry at this time.  We hope it will come to be a useful tool in learning scripture and exploring our faith. Our focus will be how Jesus can change our lives.

Preschool: Fishers of men

Elementary: Jesus can change our lives.

Jr High: Why should I follow Jesus; can’t I just say I believe in him?



Jesus is at a wedding in Cana when the hosts run out of wine. Jesus asks servants to fill jars with water and then makes wine that amazes the guests! This is Jesus’ first miracle and  the first time we see that Jesus has God’s power. We will focus on how we can let God’s power work through us.

Preschool:  Jesus’ first miracle

Elementary: Jesus has God’s power when we feel powerless

Jr. High: How can I believe Jesus really preformed miracles?



Jesus visits his hometown synagogue and reads words from the book of Isaiah about coming to help the captives and the blind. Jesus proclaims he has come for everyone, not just the Jewish people.  This is difficult for the people of Nazareth to believe.  We will focus on Jesus’ love  for all people.

Preschool: Loving others

Elementary: Jesus loves ALL people

Jr High: Can I do something bad enough to make God stop loving me?